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Pricing Structure

EMPIRE-caddle (= CADDLE.® including EMPIRE™) are sold as single-seat or site license for the single node versions or as site license for the cluster node versions.

Industrial Licenses
Industrial licenses include full support, maintenance and upgrades.

Academic Licenses
Academic licenses do not include support or upgrades.
Academic upgrades for your free copy of Empire™ are available for € 250/$ 250 only!
Academic sales are only possible via Internet or by Fax.

Pricing Guide

Prices are for software leasing for one year.

Ordering EMPIRE™

Ordering EMPIRE™
Free Academic Version

Ordering EMPIRE-caddle™

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EMPIRE™ is a completely new semiempirical molecular orbital program designed to run in parallel on multi-core desktop computers and on massively parallel supercomputers. EMPIRE™ can currently perform calculations using s-, p- and d-orbitals in the basis set with the core-core functions from MNDO, MNDO/d (also PM6 and AM1*), and AM1 also AM1*, PM3, PM6). The largest calculation performed to date ran efficiently for 105,456 atoms on 3,840 processors.

Free academic version of EMPIRE™

The single-node version of EMPIRE™ is freely available for bona fide academic users. To register and download the program, please click here.