Cepos InSilico ParaSurf™  

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Industrial Licenses
Industrial licenses include full support, maintenance and annual upgrades.

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Academic licenses do not include support or upgrades.
Academic sales are only possible via Internet or by Fax.

CImatch™ Pricing Guide

About CImatch™

CImatch™ is a further development of the surface-based modeling technology introduced in ParaSurf™. CImatch™ uses a genetic algorithm to overlay molecules based on the isodensity surfaces (calculated by ParaSurf™), either alone or combined with a local property such as the molecular electrostatic potential, local ionization energy, local electron affinity or local polarizability.

CImatch™ therefore provides molecular superimposition that is independent of the 2D scaffolds of the molecules and depends only on their shape and binding properties. It is therefore ideal for QSAR applications (overlays are characterized by an interaction parameter that is zero for identical molecules), structural overlays for 2D QSAR or finding the biologically actve conformation for flexible ligands.